Aging Backwards 2 with Miranda Esmonde-White DVD

Many people think that how they age – if they remain mobile, healthy, and pain free throughout their entire lives – is simply the result of luck. As though there's a randomness to it, or it's a lottery in which only a few winners enjoy golden years of youthful vitality. But did you know that you actually have a choice in how you age? In Aging Backwards 2: Connective Tissue Revealed, Miranda Esmonde-White uses never-before-seen, groundbreaking science to put an end to this defeatist attitude towards aging.

In the Award Winning Special – Aging Backwards, Esmonde-White revealed the power of our muscle cells. In Aging Backwards 2: Connective Tissue Revealed, you’ll discover the amazing clout of your connective tissue. This vital tissue surrounds every part of us - every muscle, nerve, cell, bone, and organ. Keeping it healthy is the secret to remaining youthful at any age. The human body is a powerful machine, but we must choose to keep it young.