A Conversation with Ken Burns Combo: DVD + 42 DVDs

In this exclusive for PBS program, award-winning, critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns sits down to discuss his work as a historian, storyteller, and curator of uniquely American subjects. Guided by Peabody award-winning journalist Don Shelby, Mr. Burns looks back on his early childhood experiences and influences that led him to pursue a career as a filmmaker. He shares behind-closed-doors anecdotes about the actors and notable personalities he’s worked with, stories gleaned from his research, heart-warming and heart-breaking moments with the scores of experts and everyday people he’s interviewed in his more than 35 years of work.  

Combo Includes: 
-DVD, A Conversation with Ken Burns
-7-DVD Set, Ken Burns: The Roosevelts
-6-DVD set, Ken Burns: The Civil War 25th Anniversary Edition
-6-DVD Set, Ken Burns: The War
-2-DVD Set, Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl
-11-DVD Set, Ken Burns: Baseball
-10-DVD Set, The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick