Agatha Christie: Inside the Mind of Agatha Christie and Agatha Christie's England DVD

Both fascinating Agatha Christie programs together on one DVD:

Inside the Mind of Agatha Christie
Surpassed only by the Bible and Shakespeare, Agatha Christie is the most successful writer of all time. We all know her characters and incredible plot twists, but what do we know about the Agatha herself? Combining rare access to Agatha's family, her personal archive and speaking to those who know her work best, we discover what made the world's most successful crime writer tick. Discover how an isolated childhood sparked Agatha's imagination, how her time as a pharmacist during WWI gave her a knowledge of medicine as well as poison; how travelling the world transformed her writing into a serious profession; and how during WWII, Agatha's own sense of mortality made her output more urgent, writing an awesome 3-4 books every year.

Agatha Christie’s England
There is no more quintessentially English writer than Agatha Christie. Through her sensational murder mysteries, she created a literary universe that captured our national spirit like no one before or since. But the magical worlds where she set her stories are in fact drawn from real places. With access to both her family and those who lived with her and knew her best, we hear how Agatha drew on her surroundings as a magpie would, as both the people, and the places she encounter, found themselves immortalized in her extraordinary canon of work.