The Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer DVD

Explore All Three Branches of The Chicago River
If you had told a Chicagoan 100 years ago that a tour of the Chicago River would top every visitor’s list, you would have been laughed out of town. What was once a smelly industrial channel is now lined with soaring skyscrapers and jammed with tour boats, kayakers, and water taxis. Today the Chicago River is more popular than ever, with a spectacular new Riverwalk, dramatic new towers and boathouses, and even entire new neighborhoods rising along the river’s edge.

Experience the lesser known stretches extending south to the Sanitary and Ship Canal and winding north through the Chicago Botanic Garden and Skokie Lagoons. Using rare archival images, Geoffrey Baer tells dramatic stories of the river’s history including how Chicago reversed the river’s fl ow in one of America’s most ambitious and controversial engineering projects ever.

Meet people who live, work, and play along the river (and yes… even swim in it!). Geoffrey takes you to the river that gave birth to one of America’s greatest cities. Hop aboard!

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