The Energy Paradox Master Package

The Energy Paradox Master Package Includes:

The Energy Paradox with Steven Gundry, MD Program DVD - Dr. Gundry reveals the true culprits of our chronic fatigue, brain fog, and more with a step-by-step approach to help us feel better and more youthful today while offering revolutionary, yet simple, methods to restore energy levels, lose weight and increase our lifespan.

The Energy Paradox Hardcover Book - Based on Dr. Gundry’s two decades of experience with his patients and the latest scientific research, THE ENERGY PARADOX is a revolutionary approach to tackling constant fatigue with simple dietary and lifestyle changes. Dr. Gundry’s approach has helped tens of thousands of his patients reclaim their energy, reverse disease and change their lives dramatically.

The Energy Paradox Bonus DVD (Q&A) - Dr. Gundry answers the TOP questions from the audience after they’ve watched The Energy Paradox special, including more detail and fascinating insights into polyphenols, nutrition during pregnancy, and the myths surrounding breakfast, to name a few.

Energy Paradox Exercise Poster - An exercise poster that demonstrates 10 powerful, but simple, mini-exercises you can do throughout your day to boost energy levels and promote vitality.

The Energy Paradox Shopping List - A handy tri-fold pocket guide to take with you to the grocery store reminding you of the Yes foods and No foods that boost energy and promote longevity.

The Energy Paradox Cookbook - 5 simple, energy-boosting recipes not found in, “The Energy Paradox”, plus 5 more public tv exclusive recipes, Dr. Gundry’s food pyramid, best and worst foods for energy, and a resource page of more lectin-light recipes.

The Energy Paradox Inspirational Journal - A 30-Day journal filled with the time-controlled chart, inspirational quotes, and note pages to record your Energy Paradox program. 5.5 x 8.5

The Energy Paradox Online Masterclass - Dr. Gundry takes a deeper dive expounding on the theories of his latest book about how to have energy as you did as a kid. This is a four-part lecture masterclass series available on a private Youtube link, exclusive only to public TV pledge donors.

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