Dr Fuhrmans Food as Medicine The Ultimate Collection PLUS

In Dr. Fuhrman's Food as Medicine Ultimate Collection PLUS package, you will recieve:

9-DVD Library including the exclusive program DVD

  • Dr. Fuhrman’s Food as Medicine
  • Eat to Live
  • The Basics of Longevity Science
  • Anti-Cancer Science -- The Facts
  • Foods That Help Prevent Cancer
  • Slimming Exercises to Fight Osteoporosis - Part 1
  • Slimming Exercises to Fight Osteoporosis - Part 2
  • Cook to Live - Delicious Eating to Fight Cancer - Vol. 1
  • Cook to Live - Delicious Eating to Fight Cancer - Vol. 2

2 Hardcover books

  • Food To Live (The Nutritarian Diet for Health Transformation)
  • The Eat To Live Cookbook

4 Softcover books

  • The Nutritarian Handbook and Food Scoring Guide
  • 10 in 20 Lose 10 Pounds in 20 Days Detox Program
  • Transformational 20 Diabetes (eliminate diabetes medication in 20 days)
  • Transformational 20 Blood Pressure and Cholesterol (improve or resolve BP & high cholesterol in 20 days)

Dr. Fuhrman’s Gold Membership Package (one-year membership)

  • Member Forums and Library
  • Position Papers and Member Magazine
  • Health Tracker
  • 1600 Recipes and with recipe and shopping manager
  •  Read Ask The Doctor Forum
  • Includes LIVE Nutra-Talk conferences with Dr. Fuhrman each month

Quarterly Health Check Ups
2-hour LIVE face to face web meeting, every 3 months (for one year), for our exclusive Ultimate Collection PLUS package members. Dr. Fuhrman will connect with you and other Ultimate Collection PLUS Donors in a group meeting every three months to motivate inform and address your health and nutrition questions live. An incredible opportunity to gain personalized support and guidance throughout the year.