Mackinac Our Famous Island, DVD

This is Mackinac Island.

Its stories are many and they read like legend. From the earliest days of civilization, people have recognized how special Mackinac really is. It has lived many different lives, from native sanctuary to bustling commerce hub to a resort where you relax and reconnect with a time long forgotten.

It is a place of beauty and charm.

Of history and heroism.

Of survival and rebirth.

Get to know the amazing stories behind the hallmarks of a Mackinac Island visit. Travel along the shore and trails to take in its natural beauty. Visit the fort to take a deep dive into the stories of how civilization came to the island. Take a stroll down Main and Market Street to learn about how Mackinac has continued to thrive as a destination for people throughout the world. And, perhaps most importantly, get to know the people who still work to preserve this “gem of the Great Lakes.”

There are many famous islands in the world, but for the Great Lakes region, this is our famous island.