Memory Rescue Master Package

This package includes:

- Memory Rescue Hardcover Book
- Memory Rescue Questionnaires and Step-by-Step Workbook
- Music for Bright Minds Memory Rescue CD
- Cooking for BRIGHT MINDS DVD with Tana and Chef Honor Harvey (2 hours)
- Jim Karol’s Memory Master Course
- Dr. Amen’s – Advanced Brain Health Library – His Top 6 Program (Memory Rescue, On the Psychiatrist’s Couch, Healing ADD, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, and Brain Fit: 50 Ways to Grow Your Brain, 12 hours total
- Brain Fit Life membership for a year that includes:
     - A special, comprehensive, baseline brain health assessment
     - Know Your Brain Type
     - Exercises to teach you how to kill the ANTs
     - Unique hypnosis audio sessions (sleep, anxiety, pain, weight, smoking and peak performance)
     - A special relaxation, focus and memory meditation
     - Another research based meditation, shown to boost blood flow and cognitive function
     - Hundreds of brain healthy recipes
     - A community of coaching and support