Mumford & Sons Delta CD + Dust & Thunder DVD

This Thank You Gift package includes both Mumford & Sons: Delta CD and Mumford & Sons: Live In South Africa - Dust And Thunder (DVD)

Mumford & Sons: Live In South Africa - Dust And Thunder (DVD) chronicles the meeting of South Africa with their long-standing favorites, Mumford & Sons. A British band in huge demand, and a country extremely excited to welcome them. With a coachload of their close musical friends brought along for the ride, this exquisitely shot film captures the tour's conclusion with two nights in the beautiful Pretorian outback, Live At The Monument Amphitheatre.

1. Snake Eyes
2. I Will Wait
3. Below My Feet
4. Wilder Mind
5. Awake My Soul
6. Lover Of The Light
7. Tompkins Square Park
8. Believe
9. Ghosts That We Knew
10. The Cave
11. Ditmas
12. Dust Bowl Dance
13. WONA
14. Lampenda
15. There Will Be Time
16. Little Lion Man
17. The Wolf

In their Fourth Studio Album, Released in 2018, Mumford & Sons: Delta (CD) showcases music, built off the bands shared experiences and displays a theme that is almost tender and reflective, incorporating different types of music genres.

1. 42
2. Guiding Light
3. Woman
4. Beloved
5. The Wild
6. October Skies
7. Slip Away 8. Rose Of Sharon
9. Picture You
10. Darkness Visible
11. If I Say
12. Wild Heart
13. Forever
14. Delta