Nutcracker and the Mouse King CD + PBS Mug Ornament Set

In this Thank You Gift package, you will receive the CD of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, as well as the Set of PBS Mini Mug Ornaments

Part I
1. Overture
2. Once, a Very Long Time Ago
3. The Mousetrap
4. Princess Pirlipat
5. The Curse
6. Searching for a Cure
7. The Krakatuk Nut
8. The Curse is Lifted
9. The Mouse Queen's Death
10. The Drosselmeyers

Part II
11. Christmas Eve
12. Godfather Drosselmeyer
13. The Miniature Marzipan Castle
14. The Nutcracker
15. Stranger Things
16. The Great Battle
17. After the Dream
18. Drosselmeyer’s Story
19. Marie’s Devotion
20. The Mouse King Returns
21. Fritz’s Saber

Part III
22. The Great Voyage Begins
23. Candy Meadow
24. The Mechanical Ballet Troupe
25. Sailing on Rose Petals
26. The Capital City
27. The Marzipan Castle
28. Empty Twaddle!
29. As Time Goes By
30. Nathaniel Drosselmeyer
31. The King’s Proposal
32. Epilogue

You will also recieve a holiday keepsake that is sure to become a collector's item- a PBS Mini Mug Ornament! This gift includes a set of two mini PBS mugs with a braided ornament hanger. One white mug displays the cool Retro PBS logo, while the other mug features the modern PBS logo in white on a brilliant blue background.

The reverse side of both mugs bears the phrase: Supported by Viewers Like Me

Dimensions: 2.125 inches H x 1.625 inches D