Paul and Mary at Newport 1963-65 CD/DVD, 25th Anniversary DVD, plus Hardcover Book

These never-before-seen performances by Peter, Paul and Mary at Newport ’63-’65 convey the joy, optimism and turbulence of that extraordinary era of change. Many of these songs hold an honored place in the soundtrack of 60s activism in America. Features 19 tracks. The first, and only, book that visually tells us the intimate story of Peter, Paul and Mary and their music with stirring images that follow their passionate, fifty year journey to the center of America’s heart. The very best of thousands of photographs, many rare and never before published, taken over five decades by some of the world’s top photographers, follow them from their earliest performances in the 60s when Mary was, arguably, the most desired, beautiful and charismatic performer in the country as well as a new role model for women.