Remembering Chicago: The Boomer Years (DVD)

Take a trip back in time in this WTTW documentary to an era that redefined Chicago history, an era that would transform a generation, and a time that would blossom into an age of self discovery. Experience the awakening of a city and an entire country during the pivotal times of the '50s and '60s. Relive Chicago through the eyes of 20 Chicagoans as they recount the stories and events of their youth, comings of age, and the hallmarks that define them as individuals, as Chicagoans' and as Baby Boomers. Take a look back at the radio battles of WLS versus WCFL, the war in Vietnam, the upheaval of the Democratic convention, the Blizzard of 1967, the moon walk, and much more!


Individual Remembering Chicago DVDs are $60 each. You can select two Remembering Chicago individual DVDs for $100 by entering promo code 2FOR100 at check-out.