What Will Become of Us DVD + Voyage to Amasia DVD

In this Thank You Gift, you will recieve both the What Will Become of Us DVD and the Voyage to Amasia DVD.

What Will Become of Us follows 6 Armenian Americans as they navigate the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and ask the question: Can Armenian Americans create a new future – honoring their past while unshackling themselves from its trauma?

Voyage to Amasia documents composer Eric Hachikian’s return to his ancestral home - Amasia, Turkey - nearly 100 years after Ottoman soldiers deported his grandmother, Helen Shushan, and her family during the Armenian Genocide. Helen always longed to return to Amasia but never did. 

Following her death, Eric wrote a traditional four-movement piano trio entitled: Voyage to Amasia, using Armenian melodies to commemorate Helen’s life and imagining a journey with her to Amasia. 

The film traces a path through the past, honoring Eric's relationship with his grandmother and uncovering her family's life in Turkey- exploring how the events of nearly a century ago continue to strain the relationship between Armenians and Turks. 

Inspired by one family's story, this film takes us on a journey in the hopes of finding a greater understanding between two peoples still at odds