What Will Become of Us DVD + Voyage to Amasia DVD + Dove of Peace Ornament

In this Thank You Gift, you will recieve both the What Will Become of Us DVD and the Voyage to Amasia DVD + The Dove of Peace Ornament 

What Will Become of Us follows 6 Armenian Americans as they navigate the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and ask the question: Can Armenian Americans create a new future – honoring their past while unshackling themselves from its trauma?

Voyage to Amasia documents composer Eric Hachikian’s return to his ancestral home - Amasia, Turkey - nearly 100 years after Ottoman soldiers deported his grandmother, Helen Shushan, and her family during the Armenian Genocide. The film traces a path through the past, honoring Eric's relationship with his grandmother and uncovering her family's life in Turkey- exploring how the events of nearly a century ago continue to strain the relationship between Armenians and Turks. 

Dove of Peace Ornament details
4.5"W x 4.5"H